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     Real-World Scenarios

    Our All-In-One Security Awareness Training enables your employees to experience real-world scenarios by simulating the full cyber threat landscape using customizable, multi-lingual and easy-to-edit templates for any type of phishing attack.

     Interactive Training Content

    Hundreds of interactive, web-based training modules help you elevate your company’s security awareness culture. Our continuous adaptive training model takes employees through various security topics relevant to your industry and delivers customized content based on employee progress and performance.

     Real-Time Insights

    Our real-time reporting dashboard and automatic monthly reports allow you to measure employee progress, while maintaining full control and visibility of the program. You gain insights that are easy to understand, communicate with stakeholders and take corrective action.

     Hosted by you or as a Service

    We offer you flexibility where you can manage your own Security Awareness Training campaigns on-premise or from the cloud. However, if you want hassle free and a peace of mind, let our team of experts manage it for you!

    Test, Train And Engage
    Your Employees

    “82% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error”

    Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2022

    employee testing

    Attack Simulations (e.g., phishing)

     program building

    Customized program based on infrastructure analysis

     employee training

    integrated lMS

     progress measurement

    risk and learning analysis

     employee integration

    Reporting System (e.g., Mail Phish Button)

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