Objective: To have a better understand of your current security posture and it's challenges/loophole.

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      Current Posture
    1. <2021-50>50
    2. 2) What are the pressing challenges with your current environment?I have trouble discovering my dataI have trouble securing my dataI have trouble securing my emailI have trouble securing my endpointsI have trouble securing my attack surfaceI have trouble securing my mobile applicationsI have trouble managing my cryptographic keysOthers:
    3. <6 months ago6-12 months ago>12 months agoOthers:
    4. YesNoUnsure
    5. YesNoUnsure
    6. YesNoUnsure
    7. YesNoUnsure
    8. YesNoUnsure
    9. YesNoUnsure
    10. YesNoUnsure
    11. YesNoUnsure
    12. YesNoUnsure
    13. YesNoUnsure
    14. YesNoUnsure
    15. YesNoUnsure
    16. YesNoUnsure
    17. App ShieldingAnti-ObfuscationThreat HuntingMalware Detection & ResponseOffline Application ProtectionRuntime Application ProtectionOthers:
    18. YesNoUnsure
    19. Environment
    1. KVMHyper-VContainerXenOthers:
    2. Virtual MachinesContainersServerlessBare MetalOthers:
    3. Microsoft SQL ServerOracle RDBMSIBM DB2MySQLPostgreSQLHadoopOthers:
    Desired Posture
    1. Cyberattack DrillSecurity WorkshopPenetration TestCompliance AssessmentRisk AssessmentSocial EngineeringVirtual CISOIncident Response & ForensicsCompliance Gap AnalysisOthers:
    Contact Details
    1. Asset IntelligenceData DiscoveryData EncryptionEmail EncryptionEndpoint SecurityKey ManagementMobile Threat DefenseOthers:
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