Job Description

We are looking for talents who live and breathe cybersecurity, loves to work with best-of-breed technologies and fix challenging technical issue.

This is how your role will look like:

  • Provide technical know-how to the team
  • Involve in project delivery such as installation, configuration and testing
  • Focal point for tech issues including troubleshooting, diagnosis and corrective action
  • Collaborate closely with Sales team on tech requirements to meet client’s expectation
  • Provide updates and detail explanation on technical matters to the team
  • Have fun!

Skills Required:

  • Understand Security concepts such as CISSP and NIST guidelines
  • Basic network technical skills e.g. networking commands, routing table, trace route
  • Knowledge in Windows, Linux and MacOS functions and settings
  • Knowledge in MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL databases functions and settings
  • Understand how API architecture works and able to code it – SOAP and REST
  • Familiar with application architecture – server-client, SaaS, cloud
  • Knowledge in virtualization technologies such as VMWARE, Hypervisor etc, Cloud technologies like AWS and Azure

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