All You Need To Understand Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture

We know asset management is foundational to cybersecurity. Without an accurate understanding of everything in your environment, all other initiatives suffer. But as IT complexity rises — gaining visibility across diverse types of assets requires an approach that automatically and continuously discovers assets in their environment.

Many of the tools used today offer individual pieces of the asset puzzle. The information needed still lives in many different silos. Plus, traditional asset inventory approaches are manual, error-prone, and time consuming. And as soon as an inventory is manually compiled, it quickly becomes outdated.

Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) solutions solve the asset visibility challenge. With a consolidated view of all assets, CAASM empowers IT and security teams to feel confident that everything in their environment is managed and secured.

Comprehensive Asset Visibility
Get a comprehensive, always up-to-date asset inventory.

Maximize Security Coverage
Uncover gaps in security policies, configurations, and hygiene.

Automate Policy Enforcement
Automatically apply security policies to protect assets against attack.

Enrich Asset Data
Gain rich context from internal and external sources to apply to asset-related questions

The explosion in the number and types of devices on corporate networks has created inextricably linked challenges: having comprehensive asset visibility and enforcing adherence to the security policy.

 Finding Unmanaged Devices
Unmanaged devices account for between 10% and 18% of all devices in an average enterprise where its security state or risk profile is unknown, and cannot be updated

Finding Managed Devices Missing an Agent
Between 16% and 24% of devices are missing a security solution that has already been purchased and is required by the corporate security policy

 Enforcing Security Policies
Understanding whether assets meet the overall security policy is an incredibly valuable first step. However, manual enforcement for large organizations is just unsustainable

 Understanding Asset Context
With many different solutions to secure devices and users, the data remains in different silos. Tracking down essential contextual info to make an alert actionable is tedious