Data Encryption – Traditional vs Innovation

The traditional approach to protecting encryption keys and data is to use a Hardware Security Module (HSM). There are many different HSM vendors and models and the core features common to all are the ability to provide encryption and decryption of data/keys and store the master key (a key that never leaves the HSM).

An organization has many types of data such as credit card data (numeric, 16 digits), address (alphanumeric or text), images, etc. Not all data types are suitable for sending to the HSM. Credit card numbers are small and are suitable for transport over LAN and processing inside an HSM. Full databases are gigabytes or more in size and are not suitable.

Randtronics offers encryption innovation where compliance data can be encrypted without code changes and implements best practice guidelines for enforcing the security principles of policy based access control, separation of duties and auditing. For businesses, the days of encryption intimidation, the burden of encryption implementation and the absence of needed technical skills are over. Click here to read the full whitepaper: