Unlike legacy email encryption software, this solution is easy to use and quick to roll out to users to support end to end email encryption with granular access controls for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. The solution’s on-demand client-side encryption for senders and a frictionless recipient experience ensure user adoption and enhance security awareness.

  • Get end users up and running in minutes with seamless deployments.
  • Read and respond directly from your inbox.
  • View who has read your emails and control access.
  • Search encrypted emails without giving access to third parties.
End to end Email Encryption

No Third Party Access

This solution’s end to end encryption, powered by the open standard Trusted Data Format, keeps plaintext data shielded from access by the email provider and other unauthorized parties.

No New Accounts

The solution leverages existing account credentials. External recipients never have to create new usernames and passwords to access protected email.

No Keywords to Remember

Other approaches rely on keywords to protect email that busy users forget, putting email at risk. The solution offers keyword-based AND on-demand protections that senders turn on by simply flipping a switch.

No Manual Key Exchanges

Unlike other end to end solutions, users never have to exchange keys. the solution hosts keys and manages exchanges, making it easy for users to collaborate securely. You can also host your own keys.

No Separate Portal Applications or Software to Install

The solution integrates seamlessly with existing email clients, including Gmail and Outlook. You don’t have to introduce redundant portal applications and new workflows that frustrate users.

No Forced Vendor Trust or Blind Subpoena Risk

Most vendors force you to trust them to host your data and the keys protecting it, risking blind government subpoenas. the solution reduces this risk by storing keys separately from the data.

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