Mitigate Risks and Gain Control of Your Data

Complement Your Microsoft Security

Protect Outlook messages and file attachments with an essential layer of data protection across browser, desktop,
and mobile Outlook experiences on the device of your choice: PC, Mac, iPad, or mobile device.

Enable Zero Trust Data Governance

Easily apply Virtru data-centric encryption and granular access controls directly within Outlook, and wrap each data object in its own layer of encryption, so you can manage data anywhere it travels. View who has read or forwarded an email, adjust access, and revoke access at any time. With Virtru as part of your security strategy, you can control data shared via Outlook and across any digital workflows, applications, connected devices, and infrastructures.

Improve Collaboration with Ease of Use

Quickly deploy data protection across your organization, receive actionable data intelligence, make it easy for users to turn on encryption and add access controls, and deliver seamless recipient access.

Protect Data Regardless of Application

Secure outbound emails sent by applications such as Salesforce and Zendesk, and use inbound encryption for responses from Workday or other HR tools so you are protecting data when and where it’s needed.

Control Access to Your Data

It’s your data, and Virtru helps keep it that way. Host your own encryption keys so you never have to trust anyone (including Microsoft) with access to your data. Meet high security standards like data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.

Enable Business Alignment

Advance cloud transformation and scale your business with confidence, knowing that your data protection will work with any email client or security setup the recipient has in place.

Improve Your Data Protection Return on Investment

Take the guesswork and stress out of finding the right data protection plan that solves your direct needs. Vitru helps you achieve cost savings from fast security implementation and employee ease of adoption as well as cost avoidance by meeting regulatory compliance such as CJIS and ITAR and preventing user error with a simple-to-use encryption solution. Additionally, Virtru is the only vendor that can provide a seamless email encryption experience for both Google and Microsoft 365 in hybrid accounts. With Virtru, you don’t have to worry about a plan that misses the one data protection feature you need or paying for something you won’t use.

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