Gaining Visibility In The Complexity Of Cyber Threats


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128 days
average time to detect and contain a data breach

new CVEs logged each day

average revenues losses due to non-compliance

IT complexity is the biggest barrier to productivity

companies experience data breach caused by cloud misconfigurations


As more organizations pivot to digital-first, their IT and security teams are poised to play a more strategic role. Continuous visibility into today’s complex IT infrastructure — beginning with an accurate asset inventory of devices, applications, and users — is foundational to this effort.

And with all of the great IT and security tools businesses have today, shouldn’t that be easy? The truth is, many asset management tools offer individual pieces of the asset puzzle. The result? The information needed about assets lives in different silos, making it hard to ask asset-related questions, get answers, and take action.


Security Operations and Incident Response

An updated, comprehensive asset inventory helps security analysts correlate alerts, understand relationships between devices and users, and assess current and historical state of an IT asset. It helps them quickly gather the context and detail for investigations, accelerating the overall process.

Vulnerability Management

Integrates with leading vulnerability management platforms to provide a correlated view of vulnerabilities and severity levels for each. Automated action can then be triggered to mitigate risk from security vulnerabilities.

GRC and Audit

Continuously gathering inventory of all in-scope assets helps you understand the configuration of each asset, allowing GRC teams to streamline processes, continuously monitor risk and identify results of compliance initiative.

IT Operation

Helps ITOps teams by automatically gathering asset inventory, applying and verifying risk controls, and mapping asset inventories to compliance frameworks.

Cloud Security and Configuration

A complete visibility across all cloud assets by unifying cloud asset data from multiple providers to discover cloud instances that are unprotected and/or are publicly accessible, driving visibility while slashing the manual labor needed to obtain an aggregate view.